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Release Trapped Emotions

First Session
45 Minutes

Subsequent Sessions
30 Minutes

Emotional Shift & Balance

Throughout our lives we are bombarded with numerous stressful and even traumatic experiences and events. When we are able to fully experience and express our emotions to those situations in a healthy way, we can move on with our lives harmoniously. However, often times we “bottle things up” or we dwell on our emotional experiences, and we can’t move past them on a subconscious level. When this happens, negative emotions can get energetically trapped in different areas of our biofields and physical bodies and their low vibrational frequencies can eventually result in symptoms of pain, discomfort, illness, disease, self-sabotage, anxiety, depression etc. First, we identify trapped emotions, investigate where they came from, process them if needed, then finally release them from the subconscious mind-body so you can move on with your life in a state of emotional and physical freedom and healing. 

This session includes the release of negative trapped emotions, the infusion of positive emotions and a time-of-day energy balance to assist with the energy shift and general wellbeing.

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