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Check out what others are saying about Beyond The Body!

"I value and practice spiritual healing, but I also have a scientist's mind. I can be quite skeptical of things, and need them to 'make sense', or at least experience it for myself, before I am able to have confidence in it. So, when I met Michelle through a yoga class, and she told me about Touch For Health and Emotion Code, I was eager to learn more by having a treatment. I found Michelle's soft, and thoughtful way of speaking to be very calm and welcoming. I immediately felt that I could share anything, and that she would receive it with care and curiosity. As a spiritual healer and counselor myself, I have a very high standard of ethics when it comes to the healing professions, and one of my biggest criticisms, is when you feel as if people are treating you in a kind of systematic, one-size fits all kind of way, and what I appreciated most from my session with Michelle, was how thorough and patient she was. She really didn't stop until all of the imbalances we discovered through the muscle testing had been addressed. I found the whole experience, reflective and relaxing. Her methods are grounded in both reason, logic and intuition. The muscle testing that she uses, really bridges the gap between the spiritual and physical dimensions of healing and she was able to pose questions, that provided insight, into how my thoughts impact my body, and how my body impacts my thoughts."

Dar, D. Bc

"I had been in a deep depression and not feeling like myself for well over a month before my meeting with Michelle. It was my first time trying anything like this so I was a little anxious going in. Michelle made everything very comfortable, met me at my pace and completely put my mind at ease through our entire session. After our session wrapped up I immediately felt lighter and my heart held more peace than I've felt in a long time. The biggest changes have come in the few days following our meeting... I am smiling, laughing and enjoying being present in the moment with my family again! I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue healing and growing, and am looking forward to my next meeting with Michelle."

Monique B. Ab

"Michelle was clearing trapped emotions from my tight shoulders and my cat was, as usual, claiming attention. So, Michelle turned her attention to the cat and released some emotions from him regarding his anxiety around food. Since then, my shoulders have been less tight and less sore but more amazingly in my mind, my cat no longer immediately seeks food as soon as he comes in the door, has stopped his almost daily vomiting, and is calmer about his food in general. The release of tension in my shoulders was more gradual but the difference in my cat was immediate and very noticeable. I strongly believe in the benefits of releasing trapped emotions to make you feel better and look to the experience with myself and my cat as proof."

Brenda K. Ab

Michelle has such a calm presence as she helps you work through trapped emotions. I'm pregnant, and it was my first time doing this so we focused on working through trapped emotions that my baby has also absorbed from me. She also had the chance to work on my husband virtually and between the two of us has already cleared 18 emotions from us and our baby! 

She does a great job at explaining things and it is very cool to experience it first-hand as well as watch a loved one be helped from it. I would definitely recommend working with Michelle!

Nicole T. Ab

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