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Self Muscle-Testing

Next Date: TBD

Self Muscle-Testing

A 2.5 hour lesson in your own natural and innate ability to communicate with Universal Intelligence and your own subconscious. Get education and practical experience expanding your connection with energy. Learn how to muscle test yourself accurately and learn how you can use self muscle-testing to support your body and vital life force. During this beginner workshop you will learn how to test food and supplements.

Interested in bringing this workshop to your area, event or retreat. Call or email to discuss options.

Private Self Muscle-Testing sessions available.

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Workshop Testimonies

"So well presented & fun with all the interactive aspects. Thank You! Highly recommend."

Simone Woods

"Very clearly laid out course. Michelle was a very good teacher. I really enjoyed the course" - Shelly B.

Nicole Yang

"Loved learning from you! The information was presented in a fun, engaging and effective way. Thank you Michelle! :) " - Emma F.

Calvin Smith

"Thanks for an informative course" - Alan L.

Suzanne Levis

Dandelion Parachute Seed

"I have everything I need to fulfill my dreams and life's purpose"

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