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Full Energetic Balance

Approx. 2 Hour Session
Regular $160


Touch for Health & Energetic Kinesiology

Touch for Health & Energetic Kinesiology techniques are drawn from philosophies of Chinese Medicine and Vitalist Chiropractic models. These models believe that we all have a life force or vital energy running through us which communicates with and gives energy to our physical body, vital organs, mind and soul. When this life force or energy is balanced and running smoothly, it naturally supports holistic wellness and the body’s ability to heal from within. When this life force or vital energy is imbalanced or blocked, we may experience pain, discomfort, illness, disease, etc. Touch for Health & Energetic Kinesiology uses a non-invasive biofeedback technique called muscle testing to communicate with the subtle energy systems within the body to identify where energy is imbalanced, blocked, trapped or stagnant. Typically, energy becomes imbalanced due to the physical, emotional, or nutritional traumas and stresses we experience throughout our lives. Clearing these energetic blockages and re-establishing balance within the body can help to give life to our innate healing systems within.

This session is approximately 1.5-2 hours in length.  $160 is the flat rate for this service.

Cold Mountians

"To Empower every person to become active in the creation, maintenance and restoring of their own health and well-being" 
Dr. John Thie

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